Mike Vogel + Rachelle Lefevre @ Under The Dome Panel (x)

Under The Dome season finale preview - Comic-Con 2013 (x)


So let’s devise a death scenario for Junior. How should he go?


Sideshow Collectibles this year @ 2014 San Diego Comic Con


Imagine my surprise when Pacific Rim again has a huge presence at SDCC.

This is Prop Store London’s auction offerings on display. I wasn’t expecting these, so I didn’t bring my DSLR with me, but man was it cool to see Striker Eureka’s suit.

The Legendary booth, as well, is hardcore decked out Pacific Rim. There’s a few themed props (don’t worry, I took photos too) and the booth workers are wearing costumes/pieces from the film.

There’s an Oculous Rift demo that I didn’t get a chance to try yet, as well, so I’m going to make a beeline to the Legendary booth first thing when the floor opens tomorrow.

'til then, enjoy these! 

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Panel schedule →


- 24
- Under The Dome
- Scorpion
- Legends
- Reign
- The Last Ship
- Community
- Teen Wolf
- Hannibal
- Witches Of East End
- Childrens Hospital
- Penny Dreadful
- Sharknado: The Second One

- The Big Bang Theory
- iZombie
- The Walking Dead

"I’ll definitely go next year."
– says every person who is currently not at San Diego Comic Con. (via l-o-k-i-hiddleston)

James McAvoy of the Rest of the World during Soccer Aid 2014 at Old Trafford on June 8, 2014 in Manchester, England.

Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x